Monday, 5 December 2016

His to Keep - Uploaded!

Just pressed PUBLISH for the re-release of HIS to Keep!
I'll post when it's live!

This episode is exactly the same as the original title, but the next two episodes will have some significant revision. It's going to be less BDSM and more crime suspense. However, I'm happy to make the  original versions available to anyone who buys the new version. If you've bought all three versions before these will be updated versions and you should have it made accessible to you by Amazon, but remember you'll lose the original, so it might be better to get the original versions through my Book Funnel account.

I'm pretty excited about the updates. What's more exciting is that I'm planning to release a brand new episode before the New Year. Watch this space!!

If you haven't discovered my most popular series then get started now. The first episode is FREE
and the other episodes are FREE on Kindle Unlimited until the end of January. 

Happy Reading!

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